Science Based Six Pack

For many men the prospect of losing weight, keeping it off and living a healthier lifestyle seems more like a fairy tale, than it does a possibility. While fads, fly-by-night meal plans and excruciating exercise regimens dominate the majority of the fitness industry, one of the more promising of the fitness routines may be Thomas Delauer’s Science Based Six Pack

science based six pack

In his new, 90 day, three-phase program, featuring five instructional diet videos, nine instructional workout videos and three PDF plans, Delauer lays out how scientific data backs up his program and walks users through some of the pitfalls, misconceptions, and fallacies of Intermittent Fasting. He shows how Intermittent Fasting can be beneficial to an overall fitness program, as well as how it can provide a beneficial lifestyle too.

During the 90 day Science Based Six Pack program, men will progress through three phases of fat loss. Beginning with shifting your body’s metabolism to a fat-burning mode, users will progress to accelerated weight loss before, finally, culminating with a full ketogenic high-speed fat loss phase.

the science based six pack

Because most men falsely believe that eating every 2-3 hours (which has been the fitness industry’s “norm”) is the optimal approach, they are quick to dismiss other eating plans, including Intermittent Fasting.

However, many scientific studies have shown that many men who start Intermittent Fasting lose fat without changing what they eat, nor how much they eat, nor how often they exercise.

This works because fasting puts your body in a fat burning state that, which during a normal eating schedule you simply are unable to reach.

The benefits speak for themselves. For those looking for a legitimate, fact-based eating and exercise program that allows for easy implementation into any schedule and offers fat loss, increased energy levels, higher endurance, and increased muscle mass, Thomas Delauer’s Science Based Six Pack program may be the final program many will ever need.

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When you join the system you’ll automatically be entitled to get 3 supplements for free along with instant access to the ShredFast workout course and the full intermittent fasting program.

You’ll be welcomed to the program with an introduction video, and then you can get started with the program by watching the Science Based Six Pack videos in the members vault.

the science based six pack program